The World of AnaMalz book app

This book app is the result of a joint venture between the well know Australian children’s toy brand AnaMalz and the Dutch creative team of The Green Surfer. Together they created a playful world for everybody with a youthful hunger for fun, adventure packed in a good story. We hope you will enjoy this growing World of Art, story and mini-games.


Concerning Anamalz…

Anamalz, are the cuddliest wood alive. Designed by Louise Causon-Scott and her partner Tim Scott in Australia, these little heartbreakers were first brought into the world in 2007. Today our anaMalz team is made up of a group of passionate and woodloving people from all around the world. More than 15 industry awards have been won including an Australian International design award. Our team is passionate about building the World of AnaMalz. And most importantly, we are motivated by a greater cause to help make nature grow. Check them out at anamalz.com.


Creativity blooms in minds that travel

Forget the company. Abandon the building where it houses in. You do not need it. Erase the steady working hours. Forget the obligation to earn money. Share work with friends. Travel. Dare to say no to projects that do not fit you. We started working on creative projects  and realized that in the end, where obligations stop, fortune enters.

To create The World of AnaMalz book app the AnaMalz brand joined their experience, enthousiasm and talents with The Green Surfer: the knowledge of Olaf van Zon (development), Bart van der Valk (Art and Story) and Jacob Christoffels (Web and Story). More about The Green Surfer…